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Songs without Words

The Art of the Paperweight—Rick Ayotte

by: Lawrence H. Selman

1997, Paperweight Press, Santa Cruz, CA

152 pages, $65. hardbound.  

flyleaf: “In 1978, Rick Ayotte entered hitherto unexplored territory when he began to create wildlife art with glass. Today, his naturalistic portrayals of nature, especially birds, are renowned throughout the world. Follow the artistic progression of this celebrated artist through more than 300 designs accompanied by commentary from the artist describing revolutionary breakthroughs and presenting personal insights into his artistry.
    Ayotte’s discerning vision of nature has brought delight to thousands of glass and wildlife enthusiasts. By becoming more intimately acquainted with the work of this self-proclaimed “glass naturalist”, one is lead from the appreciation of Ayotte’s glass artistry to the appreciation of our natural environment. Songs Without Words traces Ayotte’s journey from the beginning, documenting each significant artistic breakthrough by the legendary glass master.
Jan Smith, curator of the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, delves deep into Ayotte’s artistry with an essay that describes why Ayotte’s pieces are truly “songs without words.”
     Paperweight authority Lawrence Selman traces the transition of Ayotte from boy to artist, providing fascinating insight into the vision behind Ayotte’s engrossing miniature worlds.
      A special essay by Rick Ayotte offers insight into the artist behind the work. By listening to childhood stories, we enter the New Hampshire landscape that is the primary inspiration behind Ayotte’s amazing glass portrayals.
      Songs Without Words contains a complete catalogue of Rick Ayotte’s work from 1978 through 1996. Ayotte’s utopian vision of nature is captivating; his brilliant works have permanently impacted the history of glass and wildlife art.”