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Identifying Glass Paperweights—The Less Familiar

by: George N. Kulles

2002, Paperweight Press, Santa Cruz, CA

80 pages, $25. soft cover  

flyleaf: “In this, his third work in a series of identifying paperweights, Identifying Antique Paperweights—The Less Familiar, expert George N. Kulles brings years of conservator and collector’s experience to bear, in researching the arcane and unusual elements of antique paperweights, and providing information about the lesser-known glassmakers and factories of the 19th century.
    Examining the rarest Bacchus acorn cane, or the full-blown Mt. Washington flowers, the debatable Port Elizabeth frit works, to the illustrious portrait canes of Venice; Kulles provides the keys to help the paperweight collector identify even obscure designs and signature features.
    Using careful drawings, color photos, and specific technical information such as, density range, fluorescence, profile, common designs, and the colors used—all can be employed to assist the novice, as well as the seasoned collector, with the challenge of proper identification and evaluation of the diversity of antique glassworks.
      For over 30 years George N. Kulles has been a collector and conservator of paperweights, giving him a unique advantage in the study and research of this realm of art history.
In addition to his Identifying Antique Paperweights series, Kulles has written numerous articles on the subject of identification and classification of glass art in the paperweight form, and has lectured throughout the United States.”